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The Journey to Implementing

 Ranked Choice Voting in South Carolina Local Elections


About Ranked Choice Voting

Our Journey

How Can You Get Involved?



How can you get involved?

Community support is essentially to get grass root visions into law. Sign our petition to show your support! You can also click below to learn more ways you can get involved in this process. Feel free to reach out to us through our contact tab and stay updated by subscribing to our newsletter!


Ranked choice voting is such a no-brainer. Why would we ever consider multiple rounds when ranked choice voting is an option? It accomplishes the same thing without wasting everyone's time.

/ Utah GOP delegate

Our Journey

Follow our journey to see the process of getting a grass root vision implemented into law!


About Ranked Choice Voting

Ranked choice voting is when you rank each candidate in order of preference instead of voting for one person. Want to learn more about this viable approach to voting? Click down below to learn more!

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